Friendly and comfortable setting! Very professional and quick, from checking in to checking out. Would recommend!

E. M.

Great guy. In and out fast for dot physical. Very easy to do.

Thomas Sulivan

Best prices in the valley. Fast and friendly service.

V.M. (Verified Patient)

Anthony was a very nice person. He answered all my questions perfectly (since I wanted to know more about my health). Very accommodating. He came in extra early for me because of my job not being the times he is opened for business. A fellow truck driver, so he really understands when assessing the medical examination for department of transportation. He even helped and showed me on cracking my back (word to advice, don't do it yourself. Just stretch out every morning. If not, leave it to the professionals). I'll be coming back in two years when my medical expires. Again, a very helpful and knowledgeable person. Someone who gets it (IBT).

Andy G.

When you visit skyline health group, you will not be disappointed. You'll feel right at home. The care you receive will have you leaving there feeling totally satisfied.


Dr. Silva was great! Super nice and professional, and saw me on short notice. I would definitely recommend!


5 Star service. Very professional. Clean establishment. Highly recommended.

R.M. (Verified Patient)

Did a great job getting my physical done quietly and very professionally, and I'm glad the doctor has a sense of humor. Great job.

Brett L. (Verified Patient)

Dr. Silva was great! Super nice and professional, and saw me on short notice. Best place to get your DOT physical exam hands down!!! I recommend this place 100%!! Will be flying to LA from Kentucky every time I need to renew my DOT physical card.

Carlos Morales

Outstanding customer service! I highly recommend this office for your chiro and DOT exam needs. I went to Skyline Health Group for my DOT physical exam and met with Dr. Silva. My exam was smooth! I was in and out quickly. The office is clean and professional.

E.M. (Verified Patient)

Great service very friendly was in and out in a short matter of time

R.C. (Verified Patient)