Employers Should Avoid These 4 Common Drug Testing Mistakes

An effective drug testing policy is not only considered as best practice for ensuring occupational health and safety in the workplace, but also too to lower corporate liabilities.

Thus, the employer can’t afford the risk of making mistakes with its drug testing policy. In this article Skyline Health Group, Van Nuys has compiled 4 common drug testing mistakes employers should avoid.

Mistake #1 – Having a Superficial Drug Testing Policy

A transparent, robust drug testing policy will serve to shield a corporation from possible danger by setting standards for existing workers or prospective employees on workforce drug testing. However, the absence of a well-drafted workplace drug testing policy is likely to result in inadequate compliance, misunderstanding, and lawsuits. Thus every business needs to have a well-defined drug testing policy.

Mistake #2 – The Wrong Type of Test

Since all organizations have their own unique needs, it is vital to choose the right tests to administer for the success of workplace drug testing policy. Here are the six circumstances specified by 49 CFR, Part 40  for drug testing:

  • Pre-Employment
  • Post-Accident
  • Random Testing
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Return-to-Duty
  • Follow-Up

Mistake #3 – Keeping it Secret

One of the most common drug testing mistakes employers make is to keep it secret. When administering a drug testing policy in the workplace, it’s essential that you educate your employees and reveal everything about your drug testing policy to them. It will ensure that they do their work adequately and while keeping safe.

Mistake #4 – Failing to Conduct Reasonable-Suspicion Drug Testing

Do not ignore when an employee shows the physical, behavioral, and psychological signs of drug use. This common drug testing mistake could cost the company money. Company managers and HR professionals should be well trained in identifying the potential signs of drug abuse in the workplace. And they shouldn’t hesitate to order reasonable-suspicion drug testing.

Drug testing employees can be useful for a wide range of reasons,  identifying abusers,  reducing accidents, reducing absenteeism,  improving productivity, and general job performance. It will further help to increase general public safety and reduce the potential for legal problems as a result of employees making mistakes under the influence of drugs.

At Skyline Health Group, we make sure you are informed of your options and empowered to bring them to the workplace. To keep your workplace safe and secure, let our team of professionals help plan and implement a drug-testing program. To get started, book an appointment today. Call 818-922-7755

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